How to post Articles, Event and other content.

There are four types of content currently setup on this site. Only financial members can post Articles, Events and Weblinks. Anyone may post Comments but non-financial members comments will not appear until they have been approved. Financial members' comments appear immediately.

The four types of content are:

  • Articles - which are basic pages containing text, images, links, etc but which also allow others to post comments/feedback about the page which appear at the bottom. Articles are organised into a hierarchical tree like structure, each has a parent article and may also have one or more child articles.
  • Events - which are Articles with a start and finish date/time. Events are automatically displayed in the Calendar and are not organised hierarchically.
  • Web Links - which are links to other websites, organised into categories.

To add any of these content types to the site Login and click "Create content" from the menu on the left hand side and then selecting the type of content you wich to post. You can follow the respective links above to find out more about creating each type.

The fourth type of content is Comments. Posting comments is a great way of contributing ideas and giving feedback without needing to write a whole article. It's comments that give the site a community feeling and help keep the energy up so that it grows and attracts new people.

To add a comment simply click the "Add new comment" link at the bottom of most pages. Type your comment and click the "Post Comment" button. If you would like to see how your comment will look before posting it you can click "Preview Comment" instead but don't forget to click "Post Comment" if/when your happy with it otherwise your comment will not be saved.