Posting Events

To Enter an Event on the Calendar.

  1. When logged in click on “Create Content” in the menu on the left hand side.

  2. Click on “Event”

  3. Enter the Start and Finish Date/Times for the Event.
    - Note: You can click on the “All day” check box to disable the times and make an all day event.

  4. Enter the Name of the Event in the “Title” field.

  5. Enter the details of the Event in the “Body” field.

    • Enter and format text using the tool bar. Most buttons should be familiar but if you don't know what it does feel free to click it and see.
    • To insert an image click on the “insert/edit image” toolbar button (ie. the little yellow picture of mountains). This will pop up an "Image Properties" dialogue. Ignore the foreign language text in the "Preview" which seem to be instructions that didn't get translated properly. Click on the "Upload" tab near the top. Here you can click brows to find the image on your computer. When you are done don't forget to click "Send it to the Server" which will upload your image and insert it in the text you are edditing.
      Regarding the other tabs: "Image Info" shows the location of your uploaded image, eg. This tab also allows you to adjust the size of your image and how it will be displayed as well as entering "Alternative Text." that will be displayed in place of the image if someone is unable to load it or has used their browser to turn images off. Entering a URL (web address) in the "Link" tab turns the image into a hyperlink, meaning that if someone clicks on it they will be taken to the URL you entered. The "Advanced" tab is as one would expect for advanced formatiing using cascading style sheets.
      It is also possible to insert images that are already online through entering the image URL directly in the "Image Info" tab. However, inserting images for which you do not have permission and without acknowledgement is a form of plagiarism and/or breach of copyright so please be aware of this. Also images on other websites have the potential to be moved or removed without notice which leaves our site with holes where there should have been images. The "Alternative Text" will be displayed instead but it makes a site look cheep and out of date. Where ever possible please refraign from linking directly to other people's images, even when you have permission. Cheers, Jesse

    • The "Break" icons are for specifying where you want the teaser to stop. The teaser is the part of the text that will be displayed, for instance on the home page just after you have entered it, with a "read more" link for people to get to the rest of it.

  6. Once you have entered the Event click the “Submit” button to save it. You can click on the “Preview” button at the bottom of the page to see how it will look before making it vewable to the world but don't forget to click "Submit" when you are funished.
    Saved Events appear in the Calendar.