The Moss Rose - Simple Tale With Twist

The Moss Rose from "The Land Of Happy Hours" by Stella Mead - A simple tale with a twist.

The King of Flowerland liked to walk in the sunny glade, looking into the glowing faces of his beautiful flowers.  But today he was so, so tired - he could not stop to talk to the blossoms or rose buds.  'The King is so weary,' said the white rose; "the kingdom weighs him down," said the pink rose.  The king sank down on the moss under the pink rose and fell asleep.  The flowers stopped their chatter so they would not awaken their beloved king.  The sun rose high in the blue sky but the pink rose shielded the king from its rays.  By and by the King of the Flowers awoke and he saw the kindness of the pink rose.  "Most beautiful of flowers!" he cried "how can I reward you?  What gift can I grant you?"  Like a naughty child the pink rose said, "Make me more beautiful!"

The King sprang up in anger.  "Foolish, vain flower!" he cried "I will not add to your beauty and pride.  You have a kind heart, but you must be taught a lesson.  I will partly cover the face of which you are so proud."

He picked up a handful of moss from the bank and flung it over the face of the proud rose as a rebuke to her vanity. 

But the green moss, clinging around the fair face of the rose, made her look more beautiful than ever.  The king exclaimed "against my will I have granted your wish."