Storysharing 09 - Christmas

Greetings All,
A sparkling little Christmas tree, and a Nativity scene made of olive wood from Jerusalem (or was it Bethlehem?) my aunt gave me years ago, welcomed the eight of us for a night of Christmas stories.  We were delighted to have Christine Begovich back in our midst after a long absence due to illness this year, and she commenced our story sharing with The Christmas Party.  Brenda Berrisford then told one of her favourite Christmas stories,  a Norweigan folktale The Christmas Rose, and Jesse Williamson was able to show us a picture of this hellebore plant on his ipad.  Sally Gaunt continued the round of stories by reading Henry Lawson's The Fire at Ross's Farm.  Joanna Fugl was delighted to have the chance to read one of the picture books on display: Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle by Glenda Millard, illustrated by Stephen Michael King (ABC Books) and so introduced this very Australian story to a new audience.  Ingrid Ipp remembered an Inuit song, especially sent to her for the evening by a friend who was unable to join us.  I had a bowl of cherries to assist in the telling of The Christmas Knight retold by Jane Louise Curry from a 15th century manuscript found in the Advocates Library in Edinburgh, Scotland. Jesse Williamson told Why Does Grandmother Sun Dance a midsummer solstice story and John Gaunt contributed as a listener, as listeners are essential to the good telling of stories and the quality of such listening adds to the richness and depth of the telling and the tale.

Apologies for the evening were received from Raelene Bruinsma, Jonathan de Hadleigh, Glenn Swift, Valda Locke, Monty and Siovan Kelly, and Kathleen Comber.

While sharing the goodies of the festive season Jesse was able to mention his involvement with the following:
A Midsummer Garden: Stories and Songs for Solstice at FERN, 20 Montreal ST, Fremantle on Saturday, 21st December,
with the cafe opening at 6.00 pm. and Performances beginning at 7.00 entry by donation.
Several Fringe Festival events, including:
Into the Twilight: presented by the Storytelling Guild of Australia (WA) on 26th Jan, 2,9,16 and 23rd Feb at 5.00 pm at the Universal Bar Upstairs, William St, Northbridge. Cost $12-$10 Tickets available from:
Get Stumped: the Ancient Modern Art of Tripme   presented by Jesse the Windwanderer on 29th - 30th Jan, 5 - 6th Feb at 7.00 - 9.00 pm.  Cost$10- $8.
The Fringe World Festival brochure has many more enticing events, with full details of venue, cost, age range suitability, so do seek it out. Congratulations to Jesse for his efforts to highlight the work of the Guild and the joy and nurture to be found in the realm of oral storytelling.

Our AGM will be held in February at the Maylands home of Joanna Fugl.  Date and Time TBA.  This is to alert everyone that our 3 year term of  office for the role of Treasurer (Jesse Williamson) and President (Jenni Woodroffe) will expire.   

My wish for you all is a peaceful and hassle free Christmastide, and a New Year, overflowing and enhanced with the riches of oral stories.
Jenni Woodroffe
The Storytelling Guild of Australia (WA) Inc