Storysharing 03 - The Sea or Anything that washes up on the shore

Dear All,
There were six of us gathering at Monty and Siovan's home last Saturday afternoon for a very nurturing and nourishing afternoon of stories.  As host, Monty started the afternoon with an ice-breaker and each person continued the story around the room.  Ingrid Ipp, and our two new listeners Gail and Ursula participated in this story of a white bear and his missing treasure.  Monty told the Irish story of John Pettigrew - complete with tin whistle - taken from a collection by Ruth Manning-Sanders whose work would be found in every school or public library a couple of decades ago.  Ingrid told a Tlingit tale of Raven and the Man who Sat on the Tide, Siovan told her very first telling, a folk tale from New Guinea about two very different brothers and my contribution was a Brazilian legend, The Sea Serpent's Daughter.   Monty concluded the storytelling with encouraging us to join in the chorus of a sea shanty.  The finale to our afternoon was sitting down to a sumptuous afternoon tea with contributions from everyone.  Apologies were received from Kathleen Comber, Bill Park, Christine Begovich, Glenn Swift, Sally Gaunt, Valda Locke and Jesse Williamson.

Future storysharings are as follows - these will be a great opportunity for storytellers to practice their stories in a supportive atmosphere in preparation for Children's Book Week in August, and of course we do need listeners who bring attentive listening skills to our gatherings.
Please bring a plate of finger food, a friend and come and join us.

Saturday, 20th July 2.00 - 4.30 pm. with the theme A Midwinter's Tale or Bring Your Own Story at my home in Como. 

Saturday, 3rd August 2.00 - 4.30 pm. with the Children's Book Week theme Stories across the universe at the home of Jesse Williamson.

Looking forward to welcoming you and meeting new lovers of story.
Best wishes
Jenni Woodroffe
The Storytelling Guild of Australia (WA) Inc