Storysharing 02 - Mothers and their stories

Dear Friends of Storytelling in WA,
There were 9 of us gathered in the home of Glenn Swift in Fremantle to share and listen to stories of mothers and others on the 18th May.
It was a pleasure to welcome newcomer Terri, who came on the recommendation of her friend Sandra Swain, a longterm member of the Guild and its executive and now living a little out of Albany.  Monty Kelly started the afternoon, with his tale adapted from a Garth Nix short story, with roses of wondrous hues, Sally Gaunt told the story of a mother's long day's outing, Glenn entertained us with an Arthurian quest for "The Good Child" and I recounted how  a mother prepared her son for life in The Magical Sweetgrass Doll.   We listened with great interest to Matthew McCormack tell of his Adelaide gig where he and others were employed for 2 weeks at an installation whose prime purpose was to scare people.  Valda Locke, Siovan Kelly and Jesse Williamson, who arrived in his pirate outfit fresh from a children's party,all contributed to the afternoon as attentive listeners.

Further storysharing events will be held on:

Saturday, 15th June 2.00-4.30 pm.  with the theme The Sea or Anything that washes up on the shore at the home of Siovan and Monty Kelly in Woodvale.

Saturday, 20th July 2.00 - 4.30 pm. with the theme A Midwinter's Tale or Bring Your Own Story at my home in Como. 

We look forward to seeing you.  If you don't have a tale to tell,listeners are very important and the quality of our listening enhances the tales told.   New faces are most welcome, as are seasoned tellers who might like to drop by and be refreshed by a new telling of a tale once told long ago or heard for the very first time.
Bring a story, bring a friend...
The Storytelling Guild of Australia (WA) Inc