Storysharing 01 - St Patrick's Day

Dear Friends of Storytelling in WA,
We had a fine St Patrick's Day gathering at the home of Kathleen Comber when 9 of us gathered to share tales and wear a touch'o'green.  Kathleen introduced us to an ice-breaker through handing out cards with different people, objects and places to commence storytelling round the room, this was quickly followed by Valda Locke's telling of A Legend of Knockmany - with props, Sally Gaunt's story of two Fedora hats inspired by an old song,Christine Begovich's version of an old mermaid/selkie story, Bill Park's telling of St Patrick and the King Brown, and Kathleen, Christina Cairns and I all contributed.  Kathleen's wonderful cookies in the shape of shamrocks and decorated in green continue to attract a fresh following.  Apologies from Monty Kelly, Brenda Berrisford, Ingrid Ipp and Jesse Williamson contributed to keeping the flames of oral storytelling flickering and growing.

Jesse Williamson represented the Guild at the Medieval Fayre on the 16th March, and on Harmony Day, 21st March Jesse and I represented the Guild at Marangaroo Primary School.

Further storysharing events will be held at:

Saturday, 11th May at 2.00-4.30  pm. Mothers and their stories at the home of Glenn Swift in Fremantle. Please bring a plate

Saturday, 15th June 2.00 - 4.30 pm.  The Sea or Anything that washes up on the Shore at the home of Siovan and Monty Kelly in Woodvale.

We look forward to seeing you there.  We need listeners as well as tellers and we are enjoying the richness and variety of the tales now being brought to these sessions.

Best wishes
Jenni Woodroffe
The Storytelling Guild of Australia (WA) Inc