Storysharing 08 - Time for a Story

Greetings all,
This afternoon five of us gathered in the Maylands home of Joanna Fugl to enjoy a rich and rewarding sharing and discussion of traditional tales.  Joanna commenced with a Pass the Story beginning with "On a dark, dark, night..."and round the circle it went and concluded with a Giant lifting the roof of the little girl's house and depositing her father inside.  Jesse Williamson practiced an item for the Festival Fringe  and we enjoyed coming up with archetypes, environments and conflicts that would be suitable for an adult audience.  Glenn Swift kept us entertained with a very modern version of Cinderella, and I followed with one of Grimms' fairytales Spindle, Needle and Shuttle as retold by Wanda Gag.  There followed a lively discussion on the versions and background of various traditional tales with Joanna's friend Donna participating.

Best wishes
Jenni Woodroffe
The Storytelling Guild of Australia (WA) Inc.