Posting Comments

Posting Comments.

Comments are displayed and entered directly below the content that they are posted on.
To post a comment...

  1. Find the content you wish to comment on.

  2. Beneath the Article, Event or Web Link there will be the words "Add new comment".
    Click on "Add new comment" to post one.

  3. A "Reply" form will appear.

  4. Enter your comment using the Reply form.
    - Note: If you do not enter a 'Subject' one will be created for you out of the first few words of your post.

  5. Click the “Post comment” button to post it or the "Preview comment" button to see how it will look before making it vewable to the world. Remember clicking "Preview comment" does not save your comment. Your comment (like all your posts) are only saved when they are Posted or Submitted.