Hilda Finley Award

In 1989 the Guild was approached by late Hettie Finley who wished donate a sum of $2,000 to establish a special fund in memory of her mother, Hilda Finley.  The fund, to be administered by the Guild, is to be used to promote the art of oral storytelling in Western Australia by funding annual awards to support and encourage new storytellers.

The first awards under the provisions of the "Hilda Finley Perpetual Award Fund" were made when five storytellers received the award at a special presentation during the Saturday Night Concert at the Rainbow Gathering in 1990 attended by Miss Finley's niece.  To date  thirty Western Australian storytellers have been recognized in this way.

Honour Scroll

 1990 Denise Borger, Audrey Fraser, Valerie Jackson, Mabel Kaplan, Alison (Tunney) Sutherland
 1991 Bridgett Byron
 1992 Carolyn Winterbottom
 1993 Neville Blampey, Bill Park
 1994 Pip Leake
 1995 Jannine White
 1996 Cynthia Bremen-Rooke, Leticia Mattocks, Dan Mulcahy, Cecily Scutt
 1997 Rosemary Horton, Sandra Swain, Evyn Webster
 1998 Harry Holland, Michael Lush
 2000 Christine Begovich, Carol Reid
 2001 Dorothy (Dot) Lullfitz
 2002 Lavinia Tarrant
 2003 Jenny Hill
 2004 Ingrid Ipp
 2006 Ruth Kaljee
 2010 Sally Gaunt, Kathleen Comber